submetering cost accounting

Sub-Metering: Cost Accounting

Sub-Metering for Cost Accounting is the practice of metering and measuring specific buildings, departments or areas of a building for purposes of understanding and allocating the associated costs of resource usage for that particular target area. An example might be measuring a central kitchen for a school district, or the laundry at a hotel.

In order for cost accounting to be meaningful and accurate, all of the resources need to be measured including electricity and water and if applicable, gas and steam. If cooling is provided via a central plant, that can also be measured in BTU's or kWh.

A good sub-metering solution will translate the resource metrics such as kWh, gallons / liters, Cu. Ft, therms, etc. into dollars and cents numbers for them to be meaningful from a cost accounting perspective. gMeter energy management logo

Energy Cloud's gMeter® energy management platform can measure all utility resource types and translate them into currency numbers for cost acounting. Please call us for more information regarding sub-metering, so we can help you with your cost accounting needs and answer any other questions.