Energy Cloud® is a clean-tech company focused on energy efficiency, enabling business, government and consumers to save and manage energy, water and gas use through our proprietary gMeter® platform. Energy Cloud gMeter energy management platform logo Energy Cloud® and our authorized partners, help identify and eliminate energy waste. We accomplish this by utilizing our gMeter® platform, which typically has a cost effective Return on Investment of less than 3 years. Every building has energy waste which is a pure loss of money. Waste drives up the energy base of the building, which further drives up peak energy, the most costly rate utility companies charge, further driving up the energy bill.


Energy Efficiency
  • gMeter® Energy Management Platform
  • Electric, Water & Gas Measurement
  • Real-time EM&V Platform
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Facility Automation
  • Sustainability Reporting Automation
Government & Utility Efficiency
  • Online Permitting
  • Rebate Processing
  • HERS Registry Platform
  • Energy Audit Technology
  • Utility Incentive Processing
  • Paperless Process Automation

Ways we can help customers save:
  • We illuminate energy usage with real-time data collection.
  • Eliminate waste.
  • Reduce peak usage.
  • We automate energy management through threshold alerts and controls.
  • We provide continuous monitoring to ensure long-term energy saving.
  • Identify opportunities for Energy Efficiency Technologies to further save.