gMeter® Power Meters

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Energy, power or electric meters measure electric energy primarily in buildings, but also are used to measure sub-systems that use energy. The most common reason to measure has been to bill for the energy used with kWH or kilowatt hours as the main measured metric. Traditionally the tenant billing is billed in a month or 30 day period whereas the measured energy is sampled in hourly or 15 minute increments.

New smart meters such a gMeter® have digital display options, but more importantly have the ability to automatically send the data on a continual basis up to the cloud, eliminating having to send someone to do a manual reading, saving on labor and eliminating additional vehicle trips for readings. In addition, gMeter® measures and sends data every 3-15 seconds, depending on the model, for real-time data measurement. This allows building owners to go beyond billing applications, to benchmarking their building and allowing for substantially improved energy management, demand and time of use energy modeling, and shedding load. With this real-time capability, it is possible to see what is really going on in a building which is the first step in energy efficiency and improving energy use.

gMeter® is also unique in that it not only measures a whole building's or whole panel's energy, but measures down to the circuit level. This detailed measurement of the building's micro-grid illuminates all of the building's energy use down to each system or area. Circuit-level monitoring coupled with gMeter®'s real-time measurement capability enables the ability to see a system's energy signature. For example, with an airconditioner, you can see exactly when a fan or compressor turn on or off, for how long and how the two components operate in conjunction with each other. This real-time view and energy signatures open up a whole new way to find and eliminate energy waste vs. traditional total consumption bar charts that show every little of the internal workings of the building.

There are many different models of gMeter® to meet whatever energy measurement need you have:

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Traditional Power Meter
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North American Analog Power Meter
Electric meters have been around since the late 1800's when power began to be used commercially. Meters have come a long way since the analog dial based meters. Besides being hard and complicated to read, older meters require an individual to visit the site to manualy read each meter.